Styling : Marcio Banfi 
Beauty: Vanessa Rozan 
Accessories: Austral 
shoes: Urban Flowers 
Fashion RP: Jhon Helder Nunes -  Agência Cartaz 
sponsorship: Vicunha Têxtil
Colab: Th. 
soundtrack: Lucas Sublingualwart 
Assistances: @mmaiumi , Thiago Lima

Models: Geanine Marques, Helena Whitaker, Hevaniely, Luiza Zambon, Letícia Fontana, Ana Beatriz Mazzini, Paula Palhares, Camila Blasich, Andressa Andrade, Beatriz Machado, Luna Graciela, José Henrique Milani, Jhéssica Marinozzi, Bia Colombo. 

photo Mucio Ricardo
Model Camilla Blasich
photo nicolau spadoni
Model Luna Graciela


Austral for Renata Buzzo -

She Broke

The "Austral for Renata Buzzo - she broke" accessory collection is a collab with the fashion designer Renata Buzzo. The accessories accompany the clothes of the "she broke" collection, presented during the 42nd edition of the brazilian Fashion week "Casa de Criadores", in November 2018.


Using the concept of "shards" of some broken material to represent a woman's broken sanity, the shards of brass and gold, silver or rosé gold plated, were made manually, each piece is unique with a minimalist aesthetic.

Austral for Renata Buzzo -

Eu Não Estou Aqui

The "Austral for Renata Buzzo - Eu não estou aqui" accessory collection was created by continuing the collab with the fashion designer Renata Buzzo. The accessories accompany the clothes of the collection "I am not here", presented during the 43rd edition of the brazilian fashion week "Casa de Criadores", in July 2018.

Under the theme of a person with their sanity tested, their personality in various facets and barks, this jewelry collection was focused on the theme of mental health, emphasizing the disease: depression. Expressing what it's like to live with this illness through a fragile yet rigid bubble that separates you from the outside world. 


Styling : Marcio Banfi 
Beauty:  Vanessa Rozan and Vito Mariella

sponsorship: Lunelli textil

support: Texprima
Accessories: Austral 
shoes: Urban Flowers 
soundtrack: Jesum Bernardo

Styling : Marcio Banfi 

Styling assistance: David Albuquerque and Tatiana Lara
beauty:  Vanessa Rozan and Vito Mariella

Sponsorship: Sou de Algodão and Vicunha Têxtil 

support: Texprima and círculo S/A
Accessories: Austral  

bags: Urban flowers

sunglasses: Moon Eyewear

knitting: Th.
soundtrack: Jesum Bernardo

Austral para Renata Buzzo -


The "Austral for Renata Buzzo - Eu Rubrica" earrings collection was created by continuing the collab with the fashion designer Renata Buzzo. The accessories accompany the clothes of the collection "rubrica", presented during the 44th edition of the brazilian fashion week "Casa de Criadores", in November 2018.

Made of pure silver, the medal was crafted with the logo of the fashion designer who highlights her initials: RB. A tribute made to her grandparents and the fulfillment of a promise: to make the surname "Buzzo" known. Renata reaffirms her name and talent by bringing her DNA to the catwalk.

photo Giovanna Gebrim
Model Kennya Rocha
Photo Giovanna Gebrim
Model Jaine Sena
photo Giovanna Gebrim
Models Kennya Rocha and Jennifer Martins

Austral para Renata Buzzo -

Trajeto esférico

The "Austral for Renata Buzzo - Trajeto Esférico" hair pins collection was created by continuing the collab with the fashion designer Renata Buzzo. The accessories accompany the clothes of the collection "Trajeto Esférico", presented during the 45th edition of the brazilian fashion week "Casa de Criadores", in July 2019.

Styling : Marcio Banfi 

beauty:  Vanessa Rozan and Vito Mariella

Accessories: Austral  

sunglasses: Moon Eyewear



The accessories collection "Austral for Rocio Canvas", came from a partnership with the brand, also from Curitiba, Rocio Canvas, by the designer Diego Malicheski. The pieces go along with the designer's collection "Instante Estante Verão 2018", presented during the 41st edition of Casa de Criadores, in São Paulo - Brazil.


Inspired by the concept of "force", transforming the accessories into armors and distorted shapes by force, but still respecting minimalist aesthetics, the pieces are perfect to face the day by day with style.


Austral for Rocio Canvas campaign


Photo Debora Spanhol

styling Carmela Scarpi;

Beauty Marina Costa;

Models Victória Reimer and Joab Caldas;

Galeria ARQ/ART;

art by Vantees



constellations campaign

Valle de la Luna - deserto do atacama, chile.

clothes reptilia 



Inspired by the constellations of the Southern Celestial Hemisphere, the Constellations collection pays homage to the stars that embrace our continent, making it even more charming at night. From the Brazilian northeast to Tierra del Fuego, from the forests to the deserts, from the mountain range to the coast, everyone rests under the star glow.

The Southern Cross guides us in the night, signaling the neighboring constellations, transporting us to a universe of stars and drawings. Each constellation has its history, from ancient astrophysical facts to mythologies. Here they become accessories so that they can coexist with bodies of stellar dust: our bodies. Be guided by the constellations and glimpse the night with us!



Andina campaign

Quebrada de Humahuaca - Argentina.

clothes reptilia 


The Andina collection come as a breath that passes through the main peaks of the Andean mountains range,  materializing the mountains in brass plates. Each silhouette was faithfully represented, allowing a copy of the mountain to be always close to the user. A piece of metal that brings us back to freedom, monumentality and contact with our South American continent, transporting us to the Andean culture. Feel free to take flight along with the Condor and get to know some of the most important peaks in this mountain range.



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